Netizen ask help for slain couple that Caught on Act in CCTV

A viral post appealing to netizens in the quest for justice on behalf of the family of the murdered couple is making the rounds online.


In a Facebook post, netizen hiding behind the alias Klye Albuera uploaded the video and the photo of the alleged killer of her friends, murdered in cool blood by a certain Allan Contreras Averilla in Minuyan San Jose Del Monte Bulacan just recently.

The victims who were identified as Dave ABello and Angel were shot to death in front of the barangay right after their hearing.

The suspect first fired a fatal shot at the back of the head of the Dave Abello, followed by the female victim. The suspect then sped away from the scene of the crime riding a motorcycle.

According to Klye Albuera, Dave Abello filed a complaint against the murder suspect for death threats and personal injury. The suspect allegedly manhandled the complainant inside their home in Tialo, SJDM Bulacan, slapped his wife and dragged her outside their home.

Fearing for their lives, the couple moved out of their house and transferred to Minuyan in the same town.

The conflict between the protagonists started when somebody told Allan Contreras Averilla that it was allegedly Dave Abello who pointed the former as the one who stole the black Mio motorcycle outside Towerville.


The post has been shared more than 20,000 times and cou ting as of Saturday evening.


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