Netizen Praises McDo Not Only Delivering Food but also Buying Her Medicine

Social media user Eireen Beltran was sick but didn’t have anyone to help her buy medicine. Since she was also hungry, she ordered food from McDonald’s via McDelivery.

After putting in her details and food order, she added in the remarks that she has fever. She requested that if it was possible at all for the delivery guy to buy her some Biogesic, she would greatly appreciate the help and would pay for the medicine upon delivery.


Screenshot of post by Eireen Beltran / Facebook
Source Eireen Beltran / Facebook

It certainly was something that they can opt not to do, of course! Still, the company understands that the person they are delivering the food to is sick and needed help; thus, they did what they could to help!

So, the delivery boy dropped by a Mercury outlet to buy Beltran a few pieces of Biogesic before heading out to her address.

Beltran would later post the heartwarming story on Facebook, thanking McDonald’s for going out of its way to bring her some medicine since she was sick and there was no one else there to help her out.

The post quickly went viral. Within less than 24 hours, it has already gained over 15.7k shares and more than 50k likes on Facebook. Netizens could not help but comment how it was amazing for McDonald’s to literally go out of their way to help the sick girl.



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