New Modus. This Guy Will Pretend to Order but In The End He Will Rob the Store

A daring robbery took place in a milk tea shop in Quezon City, with an armed hold-upper ordering a drink before committing his crime.


Pinoy hold-upper caught on CCTV robbing milk tea shop (Photo: Facebook)

The incident, which was captured on CCTV, reportedly took place at a branch of I Love Milk Tea.

The video shows the hold-upper scouting the scene before entering the restaurant. He then ordered a drink before drawing out his gun and threatening the customers and employees.


According to reports, the robber was able to take some electronic gadgets and wallets.

Many netizens urged business establishments to hire a security guard for protection.

“Dapat talaga may security guard na ang mga establishment kasi pang discourage yan ng holdaper. Maprotektahan din ang mga customer kapag may guard kaya mas lalong babalik ang mga customer,” a netizen explained.


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