New Modus! Woman Scams Small Businesses By Pretending to Be Friend of the Owner!

Small business owners beware! Watch out for the woman in the photo below:

BEWARE: This Woman Scams Small Businesses By Pretending to Be The Owner's Friend!

Recently, the store owner of a pharmacy in Parañaque, complained that a woman was able to scam her trusted PAs by pretending that she was the owner’s friend. 

She introduced herself as Dr. Cherrie and claimed that ‘Madam’ asked her to bring 50 and 100 peso bills from the pharmacy. 

The PAs surprisingly didn’t even bother to ask her for the owner’s name. The woman’s calm and sweet demeanor somehow did the trick. 

They gave her a total of Php 7,100 and were even convinced to go with her to pick up the lechon and pancit the owner supposedly ordered. After a while, she told them that the owner called her and that she will be the one to pick up the food instead. 

The two PAs went back to the store, realizing afterwards that they were scammed. The owner, Lota Guinto Garcia, was furious and took to Facebook with a warning that the woman practices ‘Budolbudol‘ or hypnotism used to scam people.

According to reports, this woman is notorious for targeting various small businesses. She had another victim in Tanza, Cavite and other areas like Las Piñas and Pasay

Source: DefinitelyFilipino, VK


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