[New Trend] Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_1

A few months back, the “belly button challenge” has taken over the internet. With thousands of women grabbing their own belly button from behind, to show off their ample assets. By being able to touch their belly button from behind, shows how slim their waists are. Yet another craze is taking the internet by storm—the ‘behind the back breast grab challenge’!

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_2

This new craze is similar to the belly button challenge, the only difference is you have to grab your own breast from behind—proving how slim you are! The craze started on June this year, shortly after the belly button challenge came up.

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_3

On the Asian social media site, Weibo, a hashtag for the said challenge has reached over 50 million hits and thousands of comments. Up until now, many netizens are taking the challenge and showing off their fit bodies.

Behind the back ‘Breast Grab’ Challenge_4

Would you dare take the challenge?


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