OFW From Qatar Dismay After Balikbayan Box Content Was Replace by Old Stuffs!

The family of OFW Joan Villacorta expressed anger and dismay after receiving their long-awaited Balikbayan box from Qatar only to discover that the contents had been replaced with old and worn out stuff.

The OFW’s family living in Bulacan were expecting two smart watches along with various perfumes. Instead they received a worn out iron, old clothes, LED lights and an old bicycle.

According to the family, what was left of the original contents of the package were shoes and children’s clothes.

Lenie Villacorta, Joan’s relative, said they noticed that the box had been tampered with since it was no longer firm and had dents.

The package arrived at the delivery hub in Pulilan, Bulacan on December 26 and was delivered to their home in San Miguel on January 2, based on the package’s tracking number.

The Villacorta family filed complaints against the Department of Trade and Industry last Friday and was endorsed by DTI-Bulacan to the Fair Trade and Enforcement Bureau in DTI-Makati.

Source: PHR, VK


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