OFW will reward you Php20,000 if you will Impregnate Her! Shocking!

This Pinay OFW posted on her Facebook that she’ll be giving away 20,000 pesos to anyone who can get her pregnant. She told on her post which instantly went viral that she’s willing to raise the child even without the support of the child’s father but just agree with the contract of having no strings attached and should not see the baby after she gives birth.

Well, the offer is not open to everyone because according to the OFW, the man should possess good looks and height so the child would come out with perfect features and most importantly, the ‘applicant’ should not be impotent. Unfortunately, the Pinay is not in the country yet but assured everyone that she will post a status by the time she arrived.

This of course, gained different reactions from the netizens. Some questioned her morality. Some said that she didn’t have to broadcast the offer in the Social media and a lot of netizens agreed to that. But then, there are also male netizen who were interested with the offer, even without the cash reward. Uh-oh!


Read her post below:

Source: VK, Wattafox


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