Oh My Sue! Sue Ramirez show Off her Body on Bikini photos

They say that in order to belong to the local entertainment scene, a person should at least be either appealing to the masses (in layman’s terms, be attractive) or be possessing of a fit physique.

Others could only fit into one of those two requirements, while some pass with flying colors on both. Among the latter is none other than Sue Ramirez.

The actress is gifted not only with incredible talents – particularly in acting and singing, but is also blessed on the physical department as well. Her natural beauty and flawless figure is enough to have Filipinos (and maybe others across the globe) hooked on their TV screens.

But recently, there’s more reason to be glued on their smartphones when Sue uploaded a series of subtly sexy photographs when she took a trip to the beach.

Although she named her quick breather as “the adventures of chubbilita,” we beg to differ. We propose something more appropriate that goes along the lines of “the adventures of a beautiful woman.”

And even though it doesn’t look like it, we know that Sue is having a blast with the salty water and sandy beaches. This just goes to show that regardless of the place and time, the Kapamilya star can emote whenever, wherever.


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