Overpass Robber Caught on CCTV. Netizens Ask For Help to Identify Him

With the almost unending series of everyday robberies in the country, one wonders just how safe our streets truly are. 

Another incident is added to the growing list of crimes, after this man robbed an unnamed citizen along the Malibay overpass in Pasay city.

Fortunately, the place was equipped with CCTV cameras which were able to capture the culprit in the act.

Photos of the man are now being shared on social media in order to find him or anybody who can identify him or give useful information regarding his identity and whereabouts.

The Facebook page Matalinong Matsing’s post regarding the incident has already been shared about 16,200 times as of this writing.

CCTV Footage Captures Malibay Overpass Robber! Netizens Ask For Help In Spreading Video To Identify Him!

Source: Facebook, VK


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