Pregnant woman hitting her grandfather when she was giving her a Bath

This video is so RUDE I can’t even finish it

Most of us we love our relatives specially those old ones who can’t do simple things by themselves because of too old.It is just right to take care of our parents and grandparents as they grow old, like they took care of us as children.

But on this video that was posted on facebook. A Pregnant woman hitting her grandfather while she giving her a bath.

The sad part about this is that there were several passersby, but didn’t care to stop the woman from hitting the elderly man. There are no information regarding the identity of the woman and the old man, but many netizens are digging into possible sources so that they can help this grandfather.


Kawawa naman c tatay…..nakakalungkot isipin yung kung paanu tayo inalagaan ng magulang natin nung maliit pa lang tayo, tapos ito ang igaganti natin sa kanila……buntis pa naman c ate…..

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Posted by Lola Basya on Sunday, 26 June 2016


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