Pregnant Woman Refused By A Hospital! But What Happens Next inside Taxi Is Truly Unexpected!

It was an unexpected turn of events for a pregnant woman as she gave birth to her child inside a taxi while on her to a hospital in Quezon City. She was initially refused care by the first hospital she went to because of their lack of equipment for dealing with births.

In a report by GMA News TV’s “Balitanghali,” taxi driver Armando Mayaw did not expect that his passenger, Aira Arellano, would give birth inside his vehicle.

Buena Morante, Arellano’s mother in law, said that they went to a hospital in Tala, Caloocan at around 1:30 in the morning after Arellano experienced contractions in her stomach.

According to the nurses of the first hospital they went to, the baby was still behind the due date so they advised Arellano to transfer to another hospital that could better cater to her needs.

Afterwards, they hailed a taxi to go to the nearest hospital. Then the unthinkable happened, Arellano gave birth while the taxi was cruising along Quirino Highway in Quezon City.

Luckily, a rescue team near the area was able to respond immediately and brought them to Commonwealth Hospital.

A motorist overhead the story in Olan Bola’s report for Super Radyo DZBB and went to the hospital to give Php 1,000 in aid after he found out that they were having financial problems. The QCPD Press Corps also chipped in for them.

Source: DefinitelyFilipino, VK


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