Protect you “Locked Luggage” from being tampered with this simple tip!

Have you ever reached your destination and later realized you lost something valuable in your luggage? Many people don’t notice small stuff missing. But some baggage handlers often open you bags in the airport to check it and later on get items they have an interest on. May it be from a small pen to a larger item like a pair of shoes.

You may have put a padlock to secure your valuables, but this video shows even with padlocks and all, thieves have ways to get into your luggage. There are in fact ways to open your luggage without you even noticing it. As soon as we get to our destination, we are excited about the vacation, or coming home for that matter, that we do not notice that our luggage has been tampered with. To avoid unnecessary problems, here is a short guide on how you can avoid losing things in your baggage.

Source : viral4real