Racist American Rants Against Her Filipino Neighbor Caught on Camera! WATCH IT HERE!

America is known as the land of the free, but what happens when the freedom is abused – particularly freedom of expression? 

NBC News reported an argument between two neighbors about leaves that resulted in an extremely racist rant. 

A video recorded by Las Vegas resident Dexter Manawat on New Year’s Eve showed an unidentified woman calling Manawat and his people “orange savages.” 

The woman referred to Manawat as a “piece of s***” and called the Philippines “a f***ing ghetto living under a tarp piece of s*** land.” She also told Manawat “he’s too busy populating the world with more of your trashy people.” 

Quite hurtful, right? During an interview with KTNV, Manawat said that he’d never been called “orange” before. “That was a first,” the Filipino claimed. 

The woman told KNTNV that she was sorry for her words against him and the whole Filipino community. “I stooped to the lowest possible denominator to hurt someone because I was angry.” She said.

Manawat originally posted the video on his Facebook account where it was shared thousands of times before he finally decided to take it down on Wednesday afternoon. 

“When this video was put out, my intentions really was to reach out to my neighbor and protect my family.” He explained.

“As absurd as that sounds, it was hard to approach her even though she lived right across from me. I wanted to reach out to her and thru all her hatred, to tell her that how she berates me, my family, and my culture is not right… So, the video was put out and now what I was hoping for has happened. It has reached her. She is now aware of her wrong doings.” He added.

Source: NBCNews, VK


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