Raffy Tulfo Walks Out of His Show After This Mother Cried about her Son

A crying mother,Mrs. Edna Dingal went to ask for help to Raffy Tulfo to call out to her son.

To her dismay, even when she got home and got the chance to be with his own son, he didn’t even show her love and care.

Raffy Tulfo couldn’t take all the emotional stress and did this.

A crying woman went to Raffy Tulfo’s program to call out to her son.

Raffy Tulfo Walks Out of His Show After This Son Disowned his Mother

She was disowned and the son blames her for not being there when he needed her.

 Mrs. Edna Dingal worked as an OFW but was held overseas from 2006-2014 because of a case.

She narrated how she sacrificed just to send money for him even during the hardest times.

After she finally got a chance to come home, her son Ewu Joseph Kenneth Dingal showed her no

care at all.  It’s so heartbreaking for a mother to cry and beg for a son’s love.

 She longed for even just a birthday greeting.

She even begged for him after some people palnned to file a case against him.

Mrs. Edna says whe would protect her son and didn’t want him to have a criminal record.

She wished she could be with him even just before she will die.

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Hindi kinaya ang panawagan ng isang nagmamakaawang ina sa kanyang ingrato at walang pusong anak.

Kiss the Rain by Yiruma


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