Real Life Zombie? Man In a Hospital As He Tries To Attack And Eat People!

A Facebook post by Xavier Hunter featuring a man who seemingly possessed the characteristics of a zombie went viral. 

Hunter posted a video and photos of a man who was speaking gibberish and behaving strangely. The video was taken in a hospital somewhere in Brazil. The man had a horrific bullet wound in his mouth. 

Hospital personnel feared that he was “possessed by the devil” due to his contorted posture and strange behavior. 

As seen in the video, blood was dripping from the man’s mouth due to an alleged bullet wound. It was, however, unclear what caused the injury. 

The man walked around with his back bent in the wrong direction, slurring and shouting. His pupils looked dilated and he spoke in a loud, raspy voice. The hospital’s staff were too scared to even approach the man. 

While most people would be writhing in pain from a bullet wound to the mouth, the man was instead walking around in a trance while claiming that he was working with Lucifer. The scene becomes even crazier when another Brazilian guy attempted to perform an exorcism on him. 

Source: Youtube, VK


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