Reason Behind Why We’re Not Allowed To Use ‘Walis’ At Night!

Remember when you attempted to show off to your grandparents and grabbed your house ‘walis’ and cleaned the floor in front of them?

After giving an effort to clean the house, in return, they scolded you because “nobody should clean using the broom at night” according to the famous superstition.

It is believed that when you do this, the blessings will be sent to trash along with the dirt.

Did you know what made your ‘lolo’ and ‘lola’ cling to this?

Back when light bulbs and electricity are not yet introduced to the Philippines, people still use ‘gasera’ or a lamp at night to brighten their surroundings. That’s why, they prevent cleaning their floors at night because they can’t clearly see if there are coins that could have fallen down and might be swept away.

Every cent counts in our grandparents’ time. We could not blame them if they still hold on to these superstitions and beliefs that triggered them in the past.

Here’s Why We Are Not Allowed To Use ‘Walis’ At Night! FIND OUT HERE!


Source: VK, Metaporista


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