Restaurant Shut Down for Serving Human Flesh! OMG!

There was a lot of weird foods circulating around the world like eyeball, testicle, snakes, rats and many more. Those types of foods are acceptable but did you heard that some restaurant serving human flesh? For your surprise, this worst nightmare has now turned into reality as according to the reports, a Nigerian restaurant has been found serving human flesh.


The Nigerian police commenced investigation after the locals reported that something very horrifying is taking place inside the restaurant. The police raided the place and found something you probably won’t want to aurally perceive – the freshly bleeding human heads stored in plastic bags. Human flesh was sold as an extravagant delicacy at the restaurant and the ascendant entities verbalized that roasted human head was withal on the menu. In integration to a number of mobile phones, the officers withal found a terrorizing arsenal of weapons which included grenades.

As reported by the BBC, a local priest who victualed at the restaurant, located in the south-eastern province of Anambra, got consummately shocked when a bill of 700 Naira was presented to him. This amount is around $3.5 and £2.20. The average daily wage for millions of Nigerians is less than $1, so you can imagine how extravagant the flesh could be for these people.

The priest verbalized that the restaurant attendant observed his reaction and told him it was the iota of meat he had eaten that made the bill price that high. He further integrated that he was not at all cognizant of the fact that human meat had been accommodated to him, and that it was that sumptuous.

After the news corroborated, one local denizen told the heralds that he was not surprised bythe shocking revelation because every time he went to the market, he observed weird activities going on in the hotel. He additionally integrated that the people who looked peculiar, messy and unclean made their way in and out of the hotel, making him quite skeptical of their activities.

Nigerian Police have apprehended 10 people who were found in connection with the malefaction. This case is an authentic example of brutality, immorality and devilism. It points towards the fact that mankind is currently at a great risk and that who kens in the coming few years, humans may be slaughtered for sale.


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