Road Rage Between A Man and A Woman! Shocking!!

Road rage has become more rampant these days, not just here in the Philippines but all over the world. Good thing, we now have CCTV cameras to capture such incidents. These footages serve as lessons for everyone who doesn’t know how to manage their anger in these kinds of situations.

Recently, another road rage incident has been caught by a netizen and went extremely viral. The footage started with an obvious feud between two drivers who have been caught in a minor car accident. It can be seen that the man driving the bigger car was trying to harrass the other driver and compelling her to go out of her car. He forcibly opened the other car but he was unsuccessful. Things quickly escalated when the other car accelerated, hitting the man and sandwiched him between the cars. The next thing that happened got a bit disturbing.

The man was in great pain and the woman in the other car decided it was time for her to go out and check on him. He was seen to be screaming in pain and bystanders gathered around him yet no one helped him.

Source: VK, Facebook


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