Road Rage Suspect Shares His Side Of The Story! Watch here the what he say!

The cctv footage of a roadrage in Quiapo have been viral that make many netizens to get angered and actively participate in the grand manhunt of the suspect

And fortunately, he was arrested just recently in Masbate.

When the media asked for his side of the story, he went into details of how the road feud led into murder.

Based on his statement, he politely asked the biker for apology as he almost hit him. But the biker responded roughly. They then exchanges cusses and insults which intensified the situation.

Their exchange of insults got more aggressive and led Tanto into impulsive decisions and shot the biker repeatedly.

Despite the video, he added that he didn’t intended to kill the biker. Quoting from his statement, he said: “Di ko talaga sinasadya yun, Sir. Di ko din ginusto yung nangyari.”


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