Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos Created Their Own Rules At Home For Their Kids!

These days, is it possible for kids to be gadget-free?


What celebrity parents Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos did was set some rules, which must be followed by their kids Yohan, 11, and Lucho, 6.


“They are still into gadgets, but they have disiplina,” Agoncillo said during his interview with PEP.ph (Philippines Entertainment Portal).

“Early on, siyempre, noong maliliit pa sila, okay lang na you expose them to digital world,” Agoncillo added. “They’re digital natives, there’s nothing we could do.”

When they were asked about the rules, Ryan Agoncillo said, “One of the basic rules for Yohan and Lucho when they started to go to school, they can’t do the iPad thing, they can’t go on the laptops, they can’t touch their video gaming consoles.”

“They can make research though on their iPads or their laptop, but only if it’s for school and we’re always covering,” he added.


Judy Ann Santos, on a separate interview said the same thing.

“Puwede sila mag-iPad only to research on something. Hindi puwede mag-games, hindi puwedeng mag-YouTube, nothing,” Juday said.

“So they always research on something and they have to learn something from that research,” she added.

Judy Ann also shared that Lucho is now researching about dinosaurs, piranhas and also frogs that are poisonous.

“Ganun, siya, hindi ko naiintindihan pero nasasakyan ko naman,” Juday joked.

“They can go to the playground if they want. Pero ang bawal ay iyan, television and gadgets,” he added.


What’s the reason?

“If you’ll ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he wants to be a parkour guy and a scientist, so parang Spiderman,” Juday revealed.



“I think it’s inevitable. But if you’re asking me if they have social media accounts, no,” Ryan said.

He also said that it’s not healthy for their age to engage with social media.

“There will come a time that you don’t have to impose rules already. They’ll do it on their own, I think,” Agoncillo added.

Source: PEPVK


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