Salary of Registered Nurse Posted Online and Went Viral!

Facebook post that shows the daily salary of a registered nurse went viral on the social media.

Facebook post that shows that the Registered Nurse earned P2,860 for 11 Working Days caught the attention of the netizens on the social media.

Another post went viral on the social media. The post talks about the salary of the nurses here in the Philippines.

A netizen named “Kiko” posted a photo of a payslip showing that the wage of a nurse working 11 days totals only to a measly P2, 860. Given the nature of the job, we all agree that even working hours are extended everyday not to mention the number of patients a nurse had to attend to. According to sources, this was from a local hospital. Kiko captioned the post with “, “I’m sorry but *explicit word!* I was disgusted the moment I saw this. This is disrespectful to our profession. Nurses don’t deserve this”



Many of the netizens reacted on the post that was posted on Facebook. Facebook users comments and reactions after seeing the payslip of a Staff Nurse who works in a Hospital located in the Philippines caught the attention of the netizens over the social media.

Many netizens reacted and here are some of their reactions:

“Sh*t! That’s too much! The tax alone of a call center agent’s salary is higher than the nurses’ salary. That’s why even if I’m a registered nurse, I’m stuck here in the BPO industry.”

“It’s too low”

“My daily allowance for my class when studying to be a nurse is higher”

Another post that caught the attention of the netizens. After a youtuber who shared his thoughts regarding the post:


Source: TNP,VK


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