Saudi Employer Sponsors All Wedding Expenses Of Their Housemaid!

Sometimes, bosses and their employees share a relationship beyond whatever business they formally have. Some bosses treat their workers as family most especially when they work and stay inside their homes. 

One employer from Saudi hosted a wedding for her beloved housemaid in Jeddah on Friday. She covered all the expenses needed to push through the ceremony. 

The bride’s friends and family were all invited to come. The boss didn’t feel that it was enough and she even offered to shoulder the newlywed’s honeymoon

Social activist Zahra Al-Muabi attended the ceremony and shared some clips on her Snapchat account.  

The happy couple are both Asians and they looked emotional during the ceremony. They are grateful for the Saudi woman who paid the cost just to make their dream wedding happen. She is truly a perfect example of a person free from racial prejudice. 

This Saudi employer is now receiving praises from people who have heard their story.  

Saudi Employer Sponsors All Wedding Expenses Of Their Housemaid, Invites Friends And Even Offers A Honeymoon Gift!

Source: Saudigazette, VK


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