Senator Trillanes Ordered to Track Down Thinking Pinoy

The anonymous moderator behind the popular Facebook page “Thinking Pinoy“, who exposed the LeniLeaks scandal said that his life is in danger as he claiming that he is currently being tracked by an incumbent senator

On his phone patch interview with Cheryl Cosim on AksyonTV, he gave  clues about the identity of the senator. He mentioned that a high official from the government said that it was a senator who is fond of rice. 

“Isang senador daw po na mahilig sa kanin ang nagpapahanap sa akin.” the moderator said. 

While he did not give a name due to the risk of being filed a libel suit, he seems to be well-aware of who the senator is. 

Despite being unnamed, many were quick to conclude that the official is Senator Antonio Trillanes, tracing it back to a former interview with Senator Dick Gordon, where he called Trillanes a “sundalong kanin“.  

TP said that he is currently out of the country to safeguard his life and to prevent being tracked down. 

He also revealed that a cabinet official told him that on the next Cabinet meeting, they would consult an IT expert to check the validity of the LeniLeaks scandal. 

TP also asked the public to do a check themselves and to confirm the authenticity of the controversial Yahoo group thread. 

Source: Facebook, VK


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