Shame on Tito Sotto for His Shaming Remark on Live TV

Rape jokes are the one of the sensitive topics to the netizens that’s why Senator Tito Sotto is under fire once again for implying that it was a woman’s fault that she was taken advantage of while she was drunk.

This happen on Eat Bulaga show where he and other co-hosts Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola were talking to a woman who’d won their contest.

The woman reportedly told them the story of how she was taken advantage of by a male friend. Tito reacts to this by blaming the victim for drinking too much and possible

And here are the comments of other netizens


It seems that Sen. Sotto isn’t having the best track record so far with past issues like his alleged plagiarism, reportedly defunding the RH Bill, and now this comment. Someone should really school him on what not to say on live television and to all women. A person of power should not have this kind of influence.



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