She Complains to the Waiter who Did Not Respond To Her Call. What The Waiter Did Will Definitely Shock You!

A complaining customer got her hot surprise as a waiter pours boiling water over her head. Reports say that compensation worth $35,000 was awarded to her because of the serious injuries she sustained.

Lin, the woman who complained, was eating with her family and friends alongside her 7-month old son at a restaurant in Wenshou Southern China. Lin called Zhu (the waiter) to add more water to their hot pot.

Lin immediately posted on the Weibo account of the shareholders of the restaurant about Zhu’s inefficient service.

When Zhu got the news about the bad review made about him, he immediately told her to take down her post.

Being dismayed, Lin declined his request. A few moments later, Zhu went back to Lin’s table and poured hot water on her head. Not only that, he punched and kicked her to the ground.

The customer and other waiters were stunned by what happened so they immediately pulled Zhu out and helped Lin to get up.

Source: Rachfeed, VK


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