She was judged by Her Grammar And Accent But When She Started Singing, Everything has changed!

28 year old Filipina OFW worker Mary Ann Van Der Horst stunned the judges of the X-Factor Australia after singing the ground-breaking “Halo” of Beyonce.

Her interview with the judges didn’t give them much of an impression. The judges were giving her a dumb expression as they interviewed her about her personal life.

When they found out what she was going to sing, they looked even more skeptic. However she definitely proves these judges to not be quick to judge as she shocked everyone after her amazing performance!

“I wasn’t expecting this at all,” said one of the judges looking stunned as she sang.

The judges gave her a standing ovation, 4 yes and non-stop praises for her powerful and magnificent voice that shocked them all.

“She’s not serious, She’s not gonna be able to sing.. I was so wrong. Everything about you, the way you moved in the stage, the way you were singing that song like it was your own, it was incredible to watch!”

Source : facebook,vk


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