There’s a hard joke going around nowadays because of what technology can do. They say that it’s hard to find a real beauty if there’s Camera 360 (a phone application that can use to edit photos). But this app actually change a girl’s life.

Her name is Lalin which means moon. She’s an online goddess and she gains a lot of likes and followers every day. She is pretty on all her photo that she uploads online and she receives a lot of compliments from people online.

One day, a man sent her a message and asked a favor from her. The man wants her to translate his book. Since then, they started to talk online using different applications then suddenly the man noticed that she’s always wearing face mask. He wanted to see her face but she refused and lied, she said she has allergies because of the weather.

internet goddess with a mask story

Then one day she received a gift from the man. A face mask with a smile design on it. she was expecting to receive the book but then the man said it will come the next day.

She was terrified when the man sent her a selfie. The man came personnaly to give her the book. He wanted to see her but she was afraid to show up and pushed the man away.

She read the book and suddenly it crushed her. A beautiful story with surprising twists. Watch this because it

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