SPO3 will be Charged With Perjury for Lying to the Senate!

Many senators are determined to urge the DOJ to file a case of perjury against SPO3 Atthur Lascañas after he publicly confessed that Davao Death Squad did exist. This is very different from his statements last year during the senate hearing on the alleged extrajudicial killings. He denied Edgar Matobato’s statements back then, who also confessed about the existence of the Davao Death Squad.

However, tables have turned and Lascañas has confessed that he led the DDS and even got his 2 brothers killed when they got involved in drugs. Some senators didn’t sit well with the confession noting that he already denied that same things.

Senators Want SPO3 to be Charged With Perjury for Lying to the Senate!

“Kapag nag swear ka under oath, open ka sa perjury.. makakasuhan siya.. definitely hindi maaring yung dalawang statement mo totoo” said Senator Ping Lacson.

Senator Win Gatchalian shares the same sentiment and urged the Department of Justice to file perjury against him.

“He should be made to pay for the grave disrespect he has shown to this institution,” Gatchalian said.

He also noted how it will be hard for Lascañas to convince them and earned their trust since he already lied to the senate.

“…It is clear that there are serious doubts about his integrity and the credibility for his new testimony,” he said.

Source: PinoyTrending, VK


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