Strangers Met For The First Time and Gives First… Handj*b

Remember the “First Kiss” video that went viral back in 2014? Guess what, a hilarious (and raunchy) parody of it just went viral!

The video, which was dated back in 2014, went viral because of its concept. It involved 20 people who met for the first time.

The production team, led by its director Tatla Pilleva, asked the 20 strangers to kiss for the first time. It may feel cringe-worthy for the two people. which ranges from male to female to female to female and male to male, according to their preferences) but they still did it. The 20 volunteers involved were mostly artists, musicians, and actors. As of the moment, the video has already reached about 119 million views on Facebook. It helped Pilleva establish her name on the indie scene. The song “We Might Be Dead Tomorrow” by Soko, who was also part of the volunteers, reached the top 10 in US charts after the video went viral.

While some people felt love is in the air after watching the video, some went bitter because of it.

What to do with this bitterness? Make a brilliant parody about it.

The sketch group Pimms Girl had an idea that would totally make their video also noteworthy like “First Kiss” video.

The group, who is also behind a video called “Farting Isn’t Funny,” made a parody video of 20 strangers meeting for the first time to perform… an intimate handj*b on each other.

Some were surprised by the stranger who was matched to them, like the guy who is expecting a hot girl would do her but was given a guy instead.

Some of them really put their handj*b game on while some showed an eeriness about the whole thing. Everyone finished with a delight and satisfaction on this newly-found ‘experience.’

Source: CollegeHumor, VK


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