Street Kid Sold Roses For Studies, Now A College Scholar In Germany

Daniel Dejapin faced the reality of life at such a young age. At 6, his concern was no longer toys, playmates and playing all day long. He was already aware of the hardships it took to be able to survive.

In those days, he saw how cruel life had been to him. Living in the slums of Manila, Daniel understood that life wasn’t easy but he never made this an excuse to stray from the right path.

Daniel sold roses on the streets relentlessly, ate food from other people’s garbage and still pursued education in hopes that one day life would recognize his efforts. Despite the bullying he experienced, he focused on the good people in his life, his teachers who helped him in his plight. Fortunately Daniel’s persistence and brilliance earned him a scholarship from the Aguinaldo International School where he eventually graduated from high school.

Source: Rappler, VK


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