Student Pilot Dies in Crash with Flight Instructor after Plane Hits Zip Line Near Beach

The Cessna airplane bearing body number RP-C7838 had flown from the airport at Vigan City.


According to witnesses, the small plane had been flying around the cove for a few minutes without a problem but they noticed it suddenly pull up near the beach to avoid the zip line set up some 50 to 70 meters high.

Sadly, despite trying to avoid the zip line, the right wing of the plane snagged it.


The aircraft quickly took a plunge to sea but despite fishermen quickly sailing out to sea, it took them about an hour to establish where the plane had crashed; however, despite rescuers also arriving quickly at the area where the plane crashed, they were not able to rescue the two as the waters were murky and turbid at the time.


Rest in peace FA Paola Vianca Robles and Capt. John Kaizan Estabillo.


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