Suicide or Foul Play? OFW Found Hanging By Her Neck!

Warning: The following videos feature graphic images that are disturbing in nature. Reader discretion is strongly advised. 

An Overseas Filipino Worker employed as a domestic helper was discovered dead from an apparent suicide by hanging. However, the circumstances of her death are questionable.

Netizen Normina Kilam posted three videos on Facebook showing the apparent suicide of the afore mentioned OFW. When the videos went viral, other concerned Pinoy netizens suspected foul play and were quick to point out inconsistencies with the supposed ‘suicide.’  

The first video features what appears to be the victim’s substandard kitchen with a pair of shoes have been left under a floor board. 

The second video features CCTV footage being reversed back to the beginning. The beginning of the video shows the OFW entering a room with a red apron.

The person looking through the footage begins to skip through the recording as nothing of note was happening. 

Afterwards, another door opens with no clear indication of who opened it – this is perhaps due to the person skipping the footage. Then, towards the end of the video, two males are seen hanging around the same door the OFW entered before leaving.

The last video features the deceased victim hung by her neck. There appear to be bruises on her face and her arms. It would seem that the woman was engaged in a physical struggle prior to the hanging.

Perhaps she fought back?

Warning: Graphic Video NSFW

Netizens have expressed their sympathies, confusion and thoughts over the apparent suicide.

Mae M Malidas wrote:

OFW Discovered Hanging By Her Neck! Was it Suicide or Foul Play?

Eleonor Unabia wrote:

OFW Discovered Hanging By Her Neck! Was it Suicide or Foul Play?

Source: KwentongOFW VK


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