Terroristang Maute Pinugutan Ng Ulo Ang Mga Hepe Ng Lokal Na Pulis Sa Marawi City!

  • The Maute terrorist group continues with their sige in Marawi City
  • They reportedly beheaded a police official at checkpoint yesterday
  • The President felt the need to declare Martial Law in the entire Mindanao due to this incident

The Maute terrorists who recently took over Marawi City in Mindanao on May 23 reportedly beheaded a local police chief, President Rodrigo Duterte announced in a press briefing on Wednesday. According to the president, the attack occurred at Malabang, a town situated near Marawi City. The president revealed this heinous crime to the media in order to justify the need to impose Martial Law in the entire Mindanao island.

Duterte said that the police chief of Lanao del Sur municipality in Marawi City was killed after he was stopped at a checkpoint run by the terrorist group. He also suspects that he was beheaded at the checkpoint itself.

“The chief of police in Malabang on his way home, going back he was stopped by a checkpoint manned by terrorists and I think they decapitated them right then and there,” Duterte told a news conference.

The president also took notice of the establishments that were allegedly burned down by the Maute group.

“The hardest thing to deal with is the arrival of ISIS in our country and it has come to pass that there is really a war going on and street fighting in Marawi itself,” Duterte said.

“I do not know how many buildings were destroyed,” he added.

The Maute group’s siege and raising the ISIS flag in Marawi is considered a crime of rebellion as stated by the president. Aside from removing the city from its allegiance to the Philippine government, they also deprived the Chief Executive of his authority to enforce the laws of the land and to maintain public order and safety in Mindanao.

“These things government cannot allow it is an open defiance and the violence and the atrocities continue government must put an end to this. I cannot gamble with ISIS because they are everywhere,” Duterte said.

President Duterte came home yesterday from Moscow to deal with the Marawi crisis here in the Philippines.

What do you think should be done to stop these terrorists from rampaging through Mindanao? Let us know your suggestions in the comments section below! 

SOURCE: GMA News, Inquirer

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