The Reasons Behind the Rape Culture in Today’s Society. Must Read

A disturbing section of our population is guilty of promoting rape culture. 

A post from The Malaysian Feminist tackled this issue and it has since made rounds on social media, garnering mixed opinions from various netizens.

The post contained photos of two women wearing revealing clothes while riding public transportation alongside screenshots of how the online community reacted to their outfits.

The post aims to expose society’s disturbing perception of women as rape objects. Unfortunately, it received negative feedback from netizens who claimed that women wearing revealing clothes were “asking for it”.

Various comments from netizens were shared such as:

“She shoulod be raped”

“She’s asking to get rape…. Don’t blame the rapist…. idiot… women….”

“It’s just animal instinct that has gone out of control. It’s partly the girl’s fault to trigger it off”

“Do not put the blame on the molester. Blame this girl for inviting the molester. As a girl especially teenage out there, if u dn’t want to be the victim, put on your outfit decently and sweet. Parents should stop their girls from using that kind of indecent short when their out. Molester or pervert, their anywhere around to touch any part of your expose body.”

These comments were shared by the Malaysian Feminist Facebook page along with a message that emphasized what was wrong with our culture that seemed to promote rape. Rape apologists attempted to justify the heinous crimes because of what women wear – a clear-cut case of victim-blaming.

The post’s caption emphasized that a woman’s attire does not excuse the behavior of men who choose to sexually harass them. It is not the victim’s fault and it should never be made to look that way.


“To everyone talking about dressing modestly, appropriately and decently, remember this. The problem is not the way women dress. It’s the rapists. Stop focusing on the clothes. Focus on the rapists,” the page pointed out at the end of the post.

A netizen’s comment that questioned the way women dress and compared it to guys, was answered by the Malaysian Feminist with: “Yeah, some people find women showing a little skin to be worse than a horde of people advocating rape. Or at least they appear to protest the former more than the latter.”

“Nudity is not sex. That is a product of oversexualisation of the human body,” it said in response to another netizen.

“I don’t think we can be any subtler or less insistent on how the perpetuation of a culture of rape in society is a sickness that must be denounced in the strongest possible terms. And because there still exists people who very strangely felt that the women’s clothing is a bigger issue than a mass of persons advocating sexual violence” The Malaysian Feminist stated.

The Reasons Behind the Flourishing Rape Culture in Today's Society Will Make You Sick!

The Reasons Behind the Flourishing Rape Culture in Today's Society Will Make You Sick!

Source: Facebook, VK


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