These 2 Men Chocked by This Beautiful Brazilian Lady With Her Powerful Thighs!

Fights are a fairly common occurrence in bars or clubs – especially when a person can’t handle his alcohol or can’t keep his ego in check. This is why big tough bouncers are employed by these establishments to keep the peace.

However, appearances can be deceiving and sometimes the most skilled fighter in the room isn’t necessarily the big strong man. This gorgeous Brazilian woman has been praised by netizens for preventing a fight from breaking out by subduing an angry man using her strong thighs.

It all began when an angry shirtless man approached another man wearing a red shirt. The red-shirted person was already moving away from a club called “La Musique

In the video, several by-standers attempted to calm the situation down – but the shirtless guy wouldn’t have it.

Suddenly one of the women trying to stop the fight saw an opportunity to subdue the furious man using her Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  She takes him down, locking her arms and legs around his neck while on the ground. 

The shirtless guy tried to escape from the lady’s hold. She wouldn’t let him go.

He then tapped out immediately so the lady release can him. He clearly had no chance. 

Source: Wereblog, VK


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