These are the Things That Woman Should Never Do On While on her Period!

Some women’s period are regular, like clockwork, but this is not always the case with. Some experience physical and emotional symptoms before and during the menstruation, from the unbelievable cravings for food you don’t even know existed, the unstable libido, the unreasonable mood swings, all of this are major disruptions to a women’s life.

Remember these 10 things to avoid for a smooth-flowing red day:


1. Cook
If you venture into the kitchen, you run the risk of hurting someone. What if one of your emotional attacks occur while you have a knife in hand? You’re already used to the blood. What’s a little more? One of the things you should never do while on your period is enter the kitchen, not even for a snack.

2. Mobile Phones
Admit it or not, being on that time of the month makes you emotionally unstable. One minute you just want to play candy crush, the next you’re either too depressed as you pour your heart out to exes. The possibilities are endless, try to play on the safe side and move away from those mobile phones.

3. Exercise
Again, red days make you unstable, chances of feeling disgustingly bloated are very high. However you do not need to succumb to this insecurities brought about by the hormones. Exercising is good as they release endorphin’s which will help make you feel good.

4. Watching Romantic Comedies
The thing about watching these films while on period is that it may trigger emotions that is not healthy for you. The thought of realizing that your life is not fairytale-like or even just as exciting is depressing, you don’t need that.

5. Eat Chocolates
Don’t believe all of the cliches you hear. You don’t have to stuff yourself with chocolate, because you’re on your period. It’s not going to make you feel any better. Eat a few candy bars, but don’t go crazy. You’ll only be angry at yourself in the end.

6. Start Arguments
Starting arguments while on period could be messy. Be very well aware that the hormones make you unreasonable and often times make you say things you don’t mean, you’re going to regret it at the end, try not to start things you know you’ll end up regretting.

7. Get Out of Bed
You feel horrible, and no one wants to deal with your emotional outbursts. Just stay in bed and sleep. Don’t move from your spot for four or five days. Then you can re-emerge like the beautiful butterfly you are.

8. Shower
Standing up straight on the cold shower especially on the first day is pure agony, sitting in a warm bath might be a better option.

9. Do Housework
Everyone understands the struggle you’re facing, set aside the urge to be productive. No one expects you to be a hundred percent on these days. Crawl back to bed, try watching a few movies or read a book.

10. Running
Running while you’re menstruating is probably one of the worst ideas ever. It won’t feel good, and you’re bound to be bloated anyway so burning extra calories won’t be all that beneficial.

Source: VK, Theartikulounonews

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