These Girls Are Doing This kind of Prank to Each Other In Public! Must Watch!

That is the masterpiece of these two beautiful ladies who are making noise on social media.

The video compilation of hilarious things they did to each other was uploaded by Facebook page Fortafy. The two ladies featured on this video are memberrs of Australian girl group, ‘eighty83three’. These girls are known for blogging pranks and hilarious videos on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

Their recent video showed varieties of pranks they designed for each other. Their pranks vary from sleeping jokes to slapping their private parts. They entertain their viewers by constantly doing prank revenge with each other.

While some of the netizens were entertained, some also expressed disappointment over how they want to extend their sense of humor to their followers. Netizens even questioned if these girls are doing pranks to make people laugh or just using it to show-off their butts.

“I wonder this video is about pranks or about showing their butt,” Keo Bac Ha wrote.

Others were concerned over the people being interrupted by their ‘irritating’ pranks such as the mall cleaners who have to clean their mess after their cokepranks where they pour softdrinks to each other.

“That poor employee who has to clean Coke up off the floor and table. Never find these funny,” annoyed Alex Dixon wrote.

Source: Facebook, VK


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