These Parents Teaches their Child to Use Vapes! What Kind of Parenting is this!

We all know that smoking is bad for the health and that e-cigarettes or vapes, no matter how harmless they are being advertised, still pose a serious threat – through the chemicals found inside the oils and the battery itself. In fact, there have been numerous cases of people getting hurt because their vapes exploded

Despite the risks, there are people who continue to use vapes and take pride in the fact that they are ‘vapers’. Some of them even try to influence others to do the same. Such is the case of a Facebook user named Leonila Verdad, who alarmed many netizens with her post. 

SHOCKING: These Parents Are Teaching their Child to Use Vapes And It Goes Viral! Watch This!

In the photo, someone is seemingly teaching a child to use a vape. The caption reads: “Feeling amazed” and “Baby vaper.” Leonila also posted a video accompanying the picture, wherein the child was shown inhaling from the vape. 

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