This Boy, Earns A Living in The Hardest Way Possible. Inspiring!

Recently, one of Jay Taruc’s documentaries in his series entitled ‘Motorcycle Diaries ni Jay Taruc’ as he covers the story of Niel, not older than 15 years old on our guess. He has been doing a difficult, not to mention risky, job in an early age just to earn a living.

He goes up the mountain every day to gather bamboo sticks. He has to gather 30 bamboo sticks before he can bring it to town and sell it. He then make a raft out of it and places it on a river. According to him, it is much easier this way than to carry this bamboo sticks. He then has to navigate the bamboo raft in the river for 2 hours. He travels alone and despite doing this for the past 2 years. When he reaches town, he sells the bamboo and for 31 bamboo sticks, he was able to earn 1,230 pesos.

According to him, he will use the money to buy rice and food for his family. Many netizens were touched by Niel’s dedication and work ethic despite his young age. Many pity him as well as he should be in school and not working. The video already garnered 31k reactions and 1.4 Million Views.

Watch the full documentary below:


Source: Faceook, VK


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