This Bride Slapped Multiple Times by Her Groom After Teasing Him During Wedding Reception!

Wedding day is the most memorable event for a woman’s life. It only means that she’s giving her whole to his husband and that she’s willing to be with the man she loves ’till they grow old. It’s the dream of every girl to marry the man they love.

But this short clip will make you realize something about the man you will choose to be with someday. It is supposed to be the best day of this newlyweds until the most embarrassing moment the groom did to his bride that has gone viral all over social media.

The video showed how sweet the newly married couple is. The bride playfully teased his husband with a piece of cake until the groom poorly reacted to it. He violently slapped the hand of his bride and everyone in the reception were shocked.

Source: VK, Rachfeed


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