This Chinese Guy Bullied a Guy Who Knows Tai Chi,What Happen is UNEXPECTED!

You’ve got to watch out if you’re a bully. We’ve seen it time and time again… A bully pushes someone around, thinking they’ve got the measure of them and then BLAM! The quiet one comes out of nowhere and levels the bully.

This guy in the video proves the saying mentioned above. In China, you can’t just bully someone anytime. You’ll never know what they are capable of. Martial Arts can make a person disable in just a blink of an eye! And you can’t distinguish if a person knows how to do martial arts.

The guy in a black hoodie was seen that he wants to pick a fight with another guy who is also wearing black. As the door of the train closes, the motion becomes intense as the guy with a hoodie shoves the other guy then surprisingly he was put into the floor.


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