This cop riding on motorbike bullies old car driver for honking at him

Filipino netizens were outraged by a recent viral video showing an armed cop on a motorcycle bullying an elderly car driver in Parañaque for honking at him.


According to the netizen who shared the video, the scary incident took place along President’s Avenue.

“There was this motorcycle that was ahead of us that was going pretty slow. My dad just beeped at him (and mind you, it was the friendly beep-beep kind of thing) just to let him know we were behind him and planning to overtake him,” the netizen narrated.

The cop then approached their car and asked them what their problem was. The elderly car driver then told the cop that they did not do anything wrong and that he was sorry for honking at him.

However, the cop boldLy told the driver before riding off: “baka di mo kilala yung binubusinahan mo (You do not know who you were honking at).”

Many social media users are urging the netizen to file a report against the policeman in order to prevent him from intimidating other citizens.


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