This Dead Man’s Soul Was Allegedly Seen Looking Over His Dead Body! Unbelievable!

Our life is one of the gifts God has given to us and that is why we should live life to the fullest, regretting nothing in the end.
We will never know when our time in this world will end, so, let us always make sure that we will cherish this life we have.
As we enter this month of November, we have a tradition of visiting the grave of our deceased loved ones to offer them candles, prayers and flowers.
In the same time, a sad news broke in the internet as a man died just hours ago with speculations that he was shot in North Olympus Subdivision in Quezon City. Everybody thought that it was an ordinary accident but a netizen claimed that the victim is among the spectators and he seems that he doesn’t know he’s already dead.
The photo that was posted drew various reactions. Some people claim that it was edited, while others claim that it was real at the same time creepy.

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