This Family Claims That’Tikbalang’ is their Pet and their Guardian! Unbelievable!

Philippine provinces are rich in folklore and myths. While Capiz and Antique are known for its ‘Aswang Stories’ and Dumaguete has its “Manananggal”, the North is known for the ‘Tikbalang’, a mythical creature with a horse’ head and feet and the body of human.

In one province in the North lies a site where ‘Mang Rogelio’ resides. He claims that his father, Lolo Mariano, had an experience with a Tikbalang. Contrary to the usual stories about the Tikbalang, Mang Rogelio claims that his father is actually friends with the creature. He shared how the Tikbalang helps them in times of need, especially if they don’t have enough money for their family. It also helps his father look after all of them.

One of Lolo Mariano’s granddaughters shares that they still believe the Tikbalang is still around, saying: “Kahit dyan sa bahay namin dyan, sa bahay namin, ramdam ko siya. Ramdam ko po talaga na may kasama kami, lalo na pag umakyat ako sa bahay kasi alam ko pag andyan siya sa tabi, yung mabaho,”

Source: ABS-CBN, VK


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