This Girl born without genitals? She reveals what making love feels like

A young woman found out she was born without a vagina after she spent years wondering why she had not gotten her period.

21-year-old Chelsea Poole was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome at the age of 16.

Chelsea Poole

For years, Chelsea wondered why she had not gotten a period

She was told by doctors that she was born without a cervix, womb or genital tract. This has led Chelsea to wonder if she is even a woman.

According to her, “It took four years to get a diagnosis. I was just a young girl who didn’t feel normal because I couldn’t get my period. When I was diagnosed, I chose not to tell anyone, just close family.

Chelsea Poole

Chelsea was diagnosed with a rare condition at age 16

For her to be able to have sex, she had to undergo therapy to exercise her vagina so that it can be stretched into shape.

She had sex for the first time at age 19.

Chelsea Poole

Chelsea has sex for the first time at age 19

She says: “It was quite surreal because, at the time, he knew nothing about it. Later I confessed and he was really supportive, but I didn’t want my condition hanging over my first time.


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