This Girl shot Dead After Man Think She Was the Creepy Clown!’ READ MORE

A woman was shot dead after a man mistook her as a “creepy clown” in a Walmart parking lot on October 6.

According to reports, the woman who was identified as Gabby Roslin, 28, was loading her shopping in her car when a man named Graham Cole,44, shot her twice. Cole left Roslin dead on the spot.

Police said Cole thought that Roslin was breaking in to the car and trying to steal it. He panicked at the sighting and so he shot the woman immediately. The Oklahoma Police Department arrested Cole at the scene and Officer Martin Carruthers is summoning any witness to help them investigate the incident.

The shooting happened weeks after the “creepy clown” trended. Authorities said that people are buying clown costumes to prank but some of them use it to commit felonies. Police officers are eyeing Cole’s case at the angle that Cole might have panicked when he saw Roslin.

This Woman Was Shot After Local Man Mistook Her As A 'Creepy Clown!' READ MORE


Source: Thugify


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