This Guy Attempts To Rob this MMA Fighter. He Really Regrets What Happened Next!

People say that karma is a b*tch, but I think on this occasion it’s more like a muscle-bound dude beating the living hell out of someone. Flick over to the next page to see the karmic footage in all its brilliant and brutal glory.

The video starts with the cameraman expressing his disbelief that the robber has chosen this beast of a man to be his newest victim. Clearly our would-be thief had no idea what he was letting himself in for… We then get to see a bit of vigilante justice in action – which is always good if you have a penchant for watching people get what they deserve.

Of course our robber could have no clue he was tackling an octagon-loving menace, but then who cares? The moral of this story is remarkably simple: don’t rob people in the street, and you won’t get battered into oblivion by a crazed mixed martial artist. Watch out criminals, there are some people out there who refuse to be pushed around.


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