This Guy caught stealing smartphone in SM Megamall!

A man who seemed to be a normal mall-goer looking for a new phone to buy for Christmas turned out to be a thief.

A Facebook page posted a video showing a man who was checking out phones in SM Megamall when he suddenly grabbed one of the displayed phone models and hid it under his pouch.

In the video, a store staff who was on top of a chair was seen arranging some of the products when a man who was pretending to examine a phone quickly picked one of the boxes of Samsung S7 Edge, hid it under his pouch, looked at the CCTV camera, and walked away like nothing happened.


The thief got a little too unlucky as the CCTV caught a clear view of what he did. The thief even looked straight at the camera which made it easier for the authorities to identify him.

The viral video gained negative reactions from the netizens. One Facebook user said:

Posted by Pinoy Viral Videos on Friday, December 2, 2016


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