This Guy Pranks his Girlfriend by Pulling Her Underwear! Must Watch

A man got mixed reactions from the online community after she pranked her girlfriend in different places.

You will not believe on how this boyfriend made a prank on her girlfriend and collated it in a video.Amber Doig and Julius Dein have different level of making surprises to each other.

They are long –time partners. If some surprises involve flowers and chocolates, the two are making pranks to each other.

The most recent video of the two that has gone viral online is the footage whereas Julius compiled the wedgie prank that he puts on Amber.
This boy just can’t seem to get enough of the wedgie pranks!
Even though many netizens got angry on this prank video, Amber assured everyone that she’s alright and she will retaliate soon!
Source : tnp,vk

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