This Guy Raped Newly Buried Corpse! This Is Disgusting!

There’s nothing more painful than facing the death of your own child. This is what Tatay “Boy” had to face when he had to bury his 22-year-old daughter who died last November 5 due to Leukemia. But little did he know that the worst was yet to come as a few days after she was laid to rest, they found out that his daughter’s grave had been opened. 

It was discovered that a man with the alias ‘Pibo‘ allegedly raped the corpse. They were able to confirm the incident when ‘Pibo’ made a remark that their daughter was still a virgin. However, initial reports reveal that the suspect has a mental disorder. The family of the victim didn’t a formal complaint so the police let him go after 22 hours of arrest. 

Source: ABS-CBN , VK


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